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The Taleblank Manifesto

The Taleblank Manifesto is the driving ethos that makes Taleblank different.

  • We want Taleblank to improve your life. We’re not trying to get you addicted to something that reduces your quality of life. We’re not trying to keep you simmering with chronic outrage so as to maintain ongoing “engagement”. And we’re not trying to “increase our share of your wallet”. Our “one metric that matters” is whether Taleblank improves your life, not how much of your attention we can waste on pointless crap. If you check in only once a week but you absolutely love it, our job is done.
  • We run our own race. We’re not trying to latch onto the latest trends, or mimic whatever’s currently popular. We’re building something that we think is great, and we hope that enough other people think it’s great too. Yes, we know that Taleblank goes against pretty much every trend there is these days, and is unlikely to ever be a mass-market product. We don’t mind.
  • We embrace calm. “Move fast and break things” might be a popular catchphrase in Silicon Valley, but we prefer a calm, thoughtful approach. We build in a considered fashion, not at breakneck pace. Even Taleblank itself is calm and unhurried – a notable contrast to the manic, hyperactive content dominating the zeitgeist.
  • We don’t believe in hacks. We don’t want to trick you into liking us, or trick you into paying us. We’re upfront about what Taleblank is, and we let you try it for free to make sure it’s a good fit for you. We don’t take shortcuts, or waste time looking for magic solutions to replace hard work and good design.
  • We monetise our product, not our customers. Yes, we want to make money, but we’ll do that by selling you a product that you value, not by selling your information to a sleazy bozo with a briefcase full of cash. We don’t work for advertisers, the military, or an autocratic government. You are our customer, and we will never try to monetise you.

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